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I got the idea for this installation after reading 'Roadside Picnic', a book by Russian authors Arkady and Boris Strugatsky. In this book the authors explore the implications of a hypothetical first contact between humans and an alien civilization. Rather than having little gray men landing their ship on the White House lawn, the two imagine a contact occurring in a remote, inconspicuous area. Years after the aliens leave the area is still experiencing strange phenomena and anomalies. The human beings seen here as the inferior race interpret the interaction with a far more advanced civilization in an irrational way just as ants would do encountering the leftovers from a picnic. The alien technology is interpreted by humans as “supernatural”, thus the title.


Title: Roadside Picnic

Medium: mixed media

Size: 70x100 cm (27.6"x39.3")

Style: Surrealism

Subject: Astract

Created: March 2012