darius martin

Personal online art gallery

Darius Martin

I began working on dariusmartin.com because I felt there was a need for professional art to reach a larger audience, and the Internet seemed like the best place to do it. Really good art is very expensive and usually bought through "brick and mortar" art galleries. In many cases this means the client and the artist never make a connection. Galleries do a good job at exhibiting art on their walls but they can only reach a certain number of people, locally. The Internet on the other hand is limitless when it comes to this. The downside is that much of the art being sold on the Internet is beyond regulations, and in many cases of bad quality, unless of course it's sold through official online galleries, that's bringing us back to our artist/client communication problem. After an extensive study of the online art market I concluded that it would be better to create a website that could to fulfill both my and my client's needs. And so, I created this online art gallery, that serves my personal purposes of showing and selling my work to the public, and attends to the client's needs, as an easy-to-use communication tool, a nice online art catalog, customer-friendly order placement system, a reliable and flexible online payment system and a professional handling and shipping system, that's also free of charge for any destination, worldwide. And that's pretty much it. I hope you'll enjoy it, and if you find things that could have been done better, please let me know. Darius Martin