Contemporary art prices, buying and shipping

As I mentioned before, all the artworks sold on this website are modern one-off originals. You won’t find any copies, reproductions or interpretations of famous artist’s work. I value authenticity more than the commercial potential of an object, or the promise of a quick sale. I’d like to be able to provide affordable modern art for sale to all my visitors, without a decrease in quality. Pricing follows four simple factors: size, time necessary to create, complexity and materials used. Works that are larger, take a considerable time, effort and create additional costs are naturally more expensive. However, there’s no rule saying that a modern artwork created or bought at lower prices is not going to increase in value. If in doubt, just think about Duchamp’s “Fountain”.

The buying process on this website is straight forward. If you decided on a piece, just click on the “add to cart” button on the product page, proceed to checkout, where you’ll be asked to provide your contact and shipping details, then click “Finish”. This will take you to the PayPal page where you could finish the transaction by Credit Card or PayPal.

Shipping for all artworks is free. All works will be shipped in a reinforced cardboard box. The packaging and preparing for shipping takes about two days, taking into consideration non-working days. The shipping process takes roughly two weeks from the shipping date to arrival. Shipping is via conventional (snail) mail, and no additional costs should be expected.

A few words about contemporary art

In the context of modernism, or modern art, contemporary art encompasses a period beginning roughly around 1950 and continues to this day. One could argue that all artworks created today should be considered contemporary, but the phrase is merely a reference to a flavor of late modern art. Describing contemporary art in a few sentences is impossible, as the number of movements, styles and trends is huge, not to mention the number of artists involved. Some of the more notable styles in no particular order are Abstract Expressionism, Pop Art, Fluxus, Tachisme, COBRA, Young British Artists, Arte Povera, and the list could continue forever, as this is an ongoing phenomenon. Needless to say, this trend is not exclusively visual, it’s an interdisciplinary phenomenon that connects musicians, film makers, artists, writers and scientists and their works in an ensemble of thought and critique that goes beyond galleries, museums and theaters, and connects ideas so important for progress. The number of artists involved in the phenomenon is huge, I could mention a few, again, in no particular order, Andy Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg, Joseph Beuys, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Damien Hirst, Levi van Veluw, and again, the list could go on indefinitely.

Contemporary art is by no means a monolithic phenomenon, it’s an heterogenous construction with eternal, passionate debates as to the nature of art, divergent, distinctive values and opinions and people of various backgrounds creating original artworks very different in nature and spirit, all falling under this large umbrella of “contemporary art”. Ever since art has escaped the domestication imposed by patronage by the church or statesmen, and humanity stepped into the modern world, art has become a means of expression and a weapon, dismantling and demolishing old ideas and replacing them with new ones. Regardless of whether we admit it or not, all people have a love-hate relationship with contemporary art. Some love certain parts, while being indifferent or disliking others, or simply dismiss all the progress of the last century in visual arts, but there’s nowhere to hide. I once read and article about a writer who made it his life’s mission to prove Cy Twombly was a bad artist and his work was worthless, only to end up being one of his strongest supporters. Ultimately, art is about passion, and one can’t disprove passion.

Keep in touch & contact

So, if you were looking for contemporary art for sale online and stumbled upon my art, and you’d like to own a particular piece, but you’re still unsure about some details, feel free to contact me by e-mail or phone, or by using the Live Chat menu found on the bottom left of any page on this website.

How about discounts? I don’t have a particular discount policy yet, but if you see something you like that’s outside your budget, contact me before ordering and we’ll see what we can do.

Other websites that sell contemporary art

There are countless websites selling contemporary art out there. If for whatever reason you couldn’t find anything that suits your taste here, I would recommend browsing these websites: Saatchi Art, Artspace, ArtFido, Artsy, Artfinder, Artnet. I have no affiliation to any of them, but I found some really inspiring artists selling fine art on them, and I think any art buyer brave enough to spend money on artworks by emerging artists could benefit from checking out those collections.