Darius Martin

Art has always been part of my life. It has guided me and offered me a purpose. I’m creating these artworks out of passion, I feel like they fulfill my need of expressing myself in the process. On the other hand, I want to offer something unique, a part of myself, to others, something that they can’t find somewhere else. I am delighted when someone’s moved by my creations, especially nowadays, when few of us are patient enough to take some time off to enjoy things. For me, art is a cure for the shallowness of our ego. When you look at art, from my point of view, it helps you escape the outside world where external validation is everything and where our lives are mainly based on superficial values.
I’ve always felt connected to nature, I’ve always felt the need to understand the systems and the phenomena that compose this “higher power”. I have had contact with art from an early age and I have sought to integrate the pleasure of exploring not only the outside world but also the nature of my own experiences in my work.

“A Washerwoman’s Dream”

I’m not trying to rationalize the process through which I create images, my creations are not exact copies of what reality is perceived as; I work with bits of memories and sensations and something that I can only describe as a certain degree of synesthesia
Everyone has their purposes when it comes to creating art. Well, from the beginning, mine was based on simply understanding certain systems and mechanisms that I could later on use in my artworks. As a child, I used to break into pieces every household item that I came across just to see how they were engineered. I could say that curiosity is one of the things that keeps me on track.
I am extremely intrigued and fascinated by the people, places and even simple objects I come across in my life, they are for sure an inspiration when it comes to what I put on the canvas. I’m trying to live my life to the fullest every day because I just love transposing the emotions and the experiences I uncover through my work.
In my art, I’m trying to present a universe, similar to the one we live in, but I like to blur the line when it comes to reality and fiction, to create something that gives the viewer a certain feeling of déjà-vu. As we know, the world we live in is limited by the laws of nature, but we can’t say the same thing when it comes to art, because its essence lies in breaking the rules.
You might call what I do abstract because the shapes I create aren’t found in our daily life or nature, but I just don’t like labeling them as such, I just don’t find it fit for what I do.
Through my online gallery, I’m offering a collection of abstract works at reasonable prices, and I also accept commissions. Also, I’m making sure that all the artworks are safely shipped to the customers in the best condition and as fast as possible.